Happy New Year

Happy New Year from Teesside First Aid. Wishing all our clients the very best for the New Year.

2019 was a great year for Teesside Fist Aid. We held 75 courses throughout the year and trained 517 new first aiders.

This does not include the CPR demonstrations that were carried out in local communities and businesses; teaching the skills of CPR and empowering more people to undertake bystander CPR which can save a life.

During 2019 we were able to add to our course catalogue ILS courses, Advanced Pet First Aid. We welcomed new clients as well as seeing familiar faces from previous years.

Our course program for 2020 has been published and places are filling up fast. To see our dates and available courses please click here

One difference that has been made is to separate our human and pet first aid courses on to different websites.

All our human related courses can be found here  and you can find lots of information about the courses, what course might be right for you and a lot more.

So, from Teesside Fist Aid, wishing all our clients the very best for the New Year. HAPPY NEW YEAR, may your 2020 be a prosperous year to you and your families.


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