How to Obtain Your Advanced Pet First Aid Qualification

How to Obtain Your Advanced Pet First Aid Qualification

Just thought I would run a quick post on how to obtain your advanced pet first aid qualification.
This course is ran as a blended course; that means that part 1 is an online course and part 2 is the practical element.
Part 1 is purchased directly from ProTrainings UK and must be completed before the start of the days training with me.
The online course takes 6h51m to complete but this can be done in smaller blocks. The system automatically saves your progress, so you can resume where you left off.
During the online course there are questions asked on the topic you have been learning about. At the end of the course there is an exam which must be passed.

After completing the online course

At the end of the online course it will tell you to complete your open response questions for passing to your instructor on the part 2 practical course.
You can access the open response questions by logging into your ProTrainings training dashboard. Look for the Advanced Pet First Aid Blended Part 1 course and over to the right of the course details there is a link for “Course resources”.
Click on the link and you will find the questions that you can print out and complete before attending the day with Teesside First Aid / Advanced Pet First Aid
This will save you time on the course; its much easier to complete the questions when the information is still fresh in your memory.

Booking on the course

You can see what dates the courses are ran on here

When you select the date you wish to attend click on the “book on course” link and complete the personal information.

At the bottom of the registration are you will see a tick box asking to include the Online course – please tick this box

Advanced Pet First Aid


If you have any questions on the booking process please do not hesitate to contact us

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